Shooting it yourself!


Why do we bother photographing famous landmarks? They’ve no doubt been shot countless times before, by professionals and amateurs, in all kinds of light and conditions. Why not just buy a postcard, or keep a memory?

There are a few reasons for me to bother. I like to look back on where I’ve been. Even if I’ve been there before, when some time has gone by I like to know that I’ve got out and seen a few things. A visual history. Then, I actually enjoy taking photographs. Thinking about the kind of creative exposure I’d like to make and what decisions affect the shot I’m going to get. With those famous landmarks it’s generally good to get the ‘typical’ shot, to say you’ve been there, then shoot around it – look for details, look for what’s behind it, or behind you! Maybe people (friends/family/strangers) looking at it, or interacting with it. The landmark in the context of its surroundings, or in isolation. All of these things may well have been shot before too, but if one goes through their own thought process to get there then I think that makes life more interesting!


One response to “Shooting it yourself!

  1. [ Smiles ] Here is another thing that you haven’t considered: by photographing something that has been photographed by others will come out differently, because you are the one who is behind the camera; which means, you can add your personal touch by choosing the angle at which the object is photographed at!

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