Things I learned yesterday

Yesterday a dear friend’s baby son was Christened, and I took a few pictures (in an unofficial capacity). Even without prior experience of shooting with an SLR inside a church, I knew it would be tricky to get sharp shots with no flash and that I’d have to seriously increase my ISO.



Increase my ISO I did – to values of 800, 1,000 and even an unprecedented-for-me 2,000. However, I thought it would be useful to note a few ‘takeaway’ things for the future.

  • Although I was right not to use flash during the ceremony, several of us were taking shots by the font afterwards and I could have stuck the speedlight in the hotshoe then (I had already set it to TTL BL and my camera to rear curtain sync in preparation for shooting indoors).
  • I could have used flash when I took a few shots at the party afterwards, but left it in my bag!
  • I did score points for checking my batteries and preparing my gear ahead of time. I knew I’d want to balance the flash with available light to look as natural as possible.

I think it’s good to go through these experiences and ‘one-off’ situations and learn from them. I got some nice shots that hopefully my friends will be pleased with and I enjoyed the occasion, so it’s all good!

4 responses to “Things I learned yesterday

  1. 2,000?! Are you INSANE?!
    Great shot as always, Em.

    Good advice too, by the way. My dad text me from Somerset at the weekend; telling me how pretty it all was, and how dead his SLR battery was before he’d even taken one shot. Oops.

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