On finding time to learn


Having a full-time job, photography is a part-time hobby for me. Fortunately I enjoy learning (especially when there aren’t scary assessments and exams involved), so I take advantage of the following to improve/learn/etc:

  • KelbyOne training
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube (I subscribe to various channels including KelbyOne, Adorama, Glyn Dewis…)
  • Keeping up with Flickr / Google+ / Instagram (and other apps, like OKDOTHIS, VSCO cam, etc)
  • Books – I have read a lot of great ones, but still on my reading list are Down and Dirty Tricks for Designers, Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques, Compositing Secrets, Photography Q&A… and more

Finding time for these is an ongoing struggle. I have to organise my free time and use the commute for reading books/articles and watch downloaded classes/podcasts. Then, to reinforce the learning, I need to put it into practice, both behind the camera and post-processing on the mac. Projects and side-projects help with these.

As photography is something I enjoy, I’m happy to invest the time to get better. How do you keep your skills updated and stay motivated?

(picture taken at the Eden Project, Cornwall. Shot on iPhone and processed in Lightroom).


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