4 responses to “Autumn Colours at Sheffield Park (National Trust), East Sussex

  1. lovely colors! Unfortunately, in this part of world where I live, we don’t get such fall colors. So I haven’t experienced it yet..in real! But I’m sure it must be amazing…even from photography perspective!

    You’ve mentioned that you have used 11-16mm lens…Is that tokina 11-16?

    • Thanks, the colours are wonderful to see. They don’t last a very long time, unfortunately, then we have months of bare trees and cold weather to compensate 🙂 Yes, the 11-16mm is a Tokina. The f2.8.

      • Fall Photography is quite special. The rusty red and ochre makes for amazing background, especially for portraits with background blur! I too own this tank -the 11-16!!! Although I was quite positive when I bought it but somehow I haven’t been able to put it too much use. so it’s not been a great experience so far!

      • I had not used a wide-angle lens before I got this one, so it took me a while to get used to the way it ‘sees’ things and how much it stretches perspective. I agree, it is sometimes a challenge to find the best scenes for it!

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