About my one second a day video project


From June 2013 to the same month this year I captured video every day, or mostly every day (I got the idea from this article on Photojojo). The idea is that you can get a quick summary of what happened in a year. I often think time goes quickly and it’s hard to remember everything. After the busy-ness of moving house and all that, I finished editing it recently (I used iMovie which I found easy although a little clunky – I guess it wasn’t designed for editing scores of short clips?).

It was all captured on iPhone, which was great as it was always with me when I remembered to capture video. One pitfall I didn’t know before I started was that iPhone can adjust the fps rate according to the amount of available light – so I have a mixture of 24, 27 and 30 fps clips. This made it very unstable to watch in iMovie. However, after a quick google I discovered that once all the clips are assembled and trimmed, you can export to Quicktime at 30fps and the result will be smooth.

The year didn’t include any major events (it finished a couple of weeks before we moved) but it does give a nice snapshot of that year in time – where we lived and worked, what we did, our cats; and the large amount of time I spend at train stations. Unless those are just my more idle moments when I remembered to capture some film!

Anyway, if you can be bothered to film every day and spend some time editing the clips, it’s a satisfying side-project!


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