Exhibition | Conflict • Time • Photography

This has just closed at the Tate Modern, but I managed to catch it during a lunchtime in its final week (a perk of working just beyond a stone’s throw of this particular gallery). It was, for me, a very different way of portraying war – some images were taken moments after an incident, others days, weeks, months or years afterwards . Showing what was left behind, what is no longer visible or the unfortunate long-term effects of a momentary explosion. The ‘conflicts’ depicted were various, spanning from Crimea (1853-1856) up to Afghanistan and Iraq (ongoing). Many pieces were hung in different ways – including some interesting and absorbing installations (apparently the photographers were given control over how their work was displayed).

I came away feeling quiet and humbled. Photography like this is an important step in documenting awful things that happen so we can help them not to happen again. Words can help to explain things but pictures can convey destruction and shattered lives in an instant.

Shot on iPhone, processed in VCSOcam.

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