Passion in a Click | Moose Peterson workshop


I spent Saturday of last weekend in the company of Moose Peterson, well-known US photographer, author and educator. Moose has spent the last 40 years shooting wildlife (critters), landscapes and, more recently, aviation. He is incredibly open and giving in terms of help and advice.

We talked about photography goals, light, gear, composition and finishing; as well as seeing many of Moose’s amazing images. Something I found incredibly useful was that you don’t have to fill the frame with your subject. In fact, the subject can be tiny if you are skilled enough to use the rest of the frame to draw attention to it and tell the story of what’s going on.

There were a couple of gems amongst the gear talk, too. Camera settings I had set on the DSLR long ago and not given much thought since (for example, autofocussing method, active d-lighting and colour space). It reminded me of how much technology is in this device I use to capture images and that it’s not just about the exposure triangle!

Above all, it’s great for me to continue expanding my photography knowledge but the most important thing is to practice, practice, practice! Frequent use of the camera creates ‘muscle memory’, allowing you to concentrate on the images you want to create. This was a really useful day, I take away a good deal of knowledge and am very grateful for that.

If you’d like to know more about Moose, check out his website for a wealth of amazing images along with great tips and advice.


2 responses to “Passion in a Click | Moose Peterson workshop

  1. Sounds like a very informative way to spend a Saturday. Check out his great site so thank you for sharing that. And I loved your picture of the Moose.

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