Adobe Slate app for iPad

I first heard about this app when Scott Kelby talked about ‘Project Luca‘. It seems they implemented much of his feedback before releasing the app as Adobe Slate, a free ‘storytelling’ app. Pictures can be displayed in different ways and combined with text, to create a visual story. Once finished, these can be shared online, publicly or privately. The obvious use for me would be for holidays and special occasions, but there are a number of other different examples (recipes, reports, newsletters, for instance) on the Adobe Slate page to get you inspired.


I gave it a go to create a little picture story for last year’s holiday in Cornwall. I found it quite intuitive to use, picking a theme and adding my own pictures and words. It was enjoyable to create. I have to ensure the finished images I want to use are synced to my iPad so they are available within the app, but I would usually do that anyway. The finished story looks great – the layout is stylish yet clean, giving the spotlight to the words and pictures themselves. I can imagine it’s more interesting for people to scroll through a story of your travels than swipe through a folder of images – it’s nice to put a few words of description or explanation with the pictures. It’s probable you could create something resembling a visual story within a blog post, however (for me, anyway) it would take quite some time to bend the template to my will! It also feels more ‘direct’ to just share a link to the story, without other distractions.

Here’s my Cornwall story, if you’re interested! And if you’d like to know more about Adobe Slate, here’s the link for more info.


3 responses to “Adobe Slate app for iPad

  1. Thanks for sharing the news of a great app and your holiday story. I’m never sure about effects, but the way your beautiful sunset picture scrolled into view was breathtaking. It made me wish (for the first time) that I had an iPad!

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