Photo101: Home


Life is busy enough, but in an effort to cram more practical photography into it I’ve jumped onto the Blogging U. Photography 101 bandwagon. We get a task with a theme each weekday. Today is day one and the theme is Home.

This little bird box is in the back garden of the house we have known as ‘home’ for just under a year. Until three days ago, a pair of blue tits and their brood of squeaky chicks called this box home, the parents flitting back and forth with hundreds of caterpillars to feed the hungry beaks waiting inside. The box has been silent since we got home last Friday, so they must have sensed the quiet garden and taken the opportunity to fledge and get out of there!

This was shot on Fuji X100T with the Velvia film simulation. Further slight processing applied in Lightroom.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of posting every day for Photo 101 and seeing how others respond to the themes.

Thanks for reading!


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