Photo101: Street & Establishing Shots (Day 2)

Today’s theme is Street! With the suggestion of taking a wide establishing shot, thinking about foreground and background.

London, my place of work, is a city full of many streets; some quiet, some bustling. I had a wander around the south bank and Bankside during my lunch break, mostly shooting from the hip (even though it’s normal to have a camera in London and take pictures of random things – I shouldn’t feel self-conscious about it!). Street photography is out of my comfort zone but I still enjoy it.


I found humour in this scene – the caption on the bag coupled with the disinterested “elsewhere-ness” of someone absorbed in their phone call in almost empty surroundings. The street is a relatively quiet one, pedestrianised and off a main road but full of eateries catering to the many office workers in the area. When the sun is shining this place is teeming at lunchtime – but not today.

Shot on Fuji X100T with the Classic Chrome film simulation.


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