Photo101: Water & Orientation (Day 3)

Today’s theme is water, with the extra tip to try shooting both horizontally and vertically.

When I think of water, my first thought is the sea. Then the taps in our house and how we want to change them (arguably a less compelling picture). Although I now live closer to the coast than ever before, I couldn’t get there today (thus not fulfilling one of my self-imposed rules for this course; taking the photo on the day we are given the theme). So, my thoughts turned to the body of water I spend a lot of my working days near – the River Thames.


I took this on my walk to the office from the train station this morning. I took a slight detour along the river, which I do now and then. For some reason I like being near water. Perhaps I find it relaxing!

I tried a similar shot vertically, but I prefer the horizontal, perhaps because there is more going on left to right than at the top and bottom of the picture. What do you think?


Shot on Fuji X100T with the monochrome and red filter profile. I chose black and white due to the slightly unappealing murky colour of the Thames.

Thanks for reading!


6 responses to “Photo101: Water & Orientation (Day 3)

  1. Both shots are excellent. I think the horizontal one is a more interesting view. I wonder how the shot would look like, if you gave up the middle based symmetry. The bridge could leave the photo in the upper right corner. This photo has everything to be “wild”. Water, light, shadows and a gorgeous skyline and sky. What I mean is: is there another point of view possible in your mind? Kind regards. Reinhold

    • Thanks, Reinhold – and I appreciate the suggestion! I did try a composition with the bridge leaving the photo in the top right corner, but didn’t like it as much as it included more of the river and less sky. Even though the water was supposed to be the subject of the picture, I thought the sky was nicer to look at. Maybe I should have worked at it a bit more though, tilted the camera maybe. I’ll bear it in mind next time! Cheers.

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