Photo101: Bliss & Captions (Day 4)

For various reasons, mostly to do with getting home late last night, I’m a day behind. Yesterdays’s theme was bliss, the tip being to add a caption beneath the photograph (ah, so that’s what those fields in the Media Library are for!).

When I think of bliss, I think of being carefree. At home with my loved ones, enjoying a relaxed barbecue in the garden on a sunny day. Or snuggling under a fleecy throw while rain patters the window panes, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and watching Star Wars (being British, I have to find a way to enjoy the rain). Or perhaps away on vacation – out of the usual routine, exploring and photographing new places, stopping to enjoy a coffee on the way and watching the world go by.

I suppose this all means that I’m thinking about moments, when I’m living in the now, enjoying and savouring them. Not worrying about what has gone before or what needs to be done, just simply ‘being’ and revelling in it.

View from Gabriel's Wharf

View from Gabriel’s Wharf, South Bank, London, UK.

I took this photo on another lunchtime walk today. I confess, I don’t often find myself feeling blissful on work days. But in the spirit of Photo101 (and my self-imposed rule to take new photos each day for it), I went out and looked for a moment. Fortunately, it was a beautiful sunny day so I wandered down the South Bank between Blackfriars and Waterloo bridges. I find it always feels less hectic away from the traffic and busy roads. There were a lot of people around (there always is, especially when the sun is shining), but it still felt relatively quiet – and I found a free bench! From my perch I could hear the waves of the Thames lapping the shore. The sky was clear apart from contrails. The sun – not too hot – warmed me and I enjoyed a very pleasant break from the working day.

Shot on Fuji X100T with the Classic Chrome film simulation.


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