Photo101: Big & Point of View (Day 7)

The theme for Day 7 was “big”. The bonus tip was to experiment with point of view.

I’ll admit thinking of a subject for this theme (and keep to my personal rule of taking new photos each day for this course) was a bit of a struggle. I first thought of The Shard, but I was working from home and not in London. After work was done for the day we went for a walk through the heathland and woods near our house (a pleasant thing to do to wind down anyway!). I saw these big leaves (I’m still learning about plants and not sure what they are yet, they reminded me of rhubarb leaves!) and snapped them from a few different vantage points. I liked this one from low down with the blurred trees and bokeh in the background.


Shot on DSLR and processed in Lightroom.


2 responses to “Photo101: Big & Point of View (Day 7)

  1. I really like the perspective..the large leave has a real 3 dimensional feel to it with its curled up leaves at the edges and the out of focus background….a very eye catching photograph.

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