Photo101: Moment & Motion (Day 13)

The theme for day 13 is “Moment”, with the additional tip to add movement in order to convey the passing of time and fleetingness.

As I was in London today I thought I’d head to a busy street somewhere where I could sit and place the camera down on a steady surface (no kind of tripod with me). This was the first time I’d tried long exposures on the Fuji, so I figured that out as I went along 🙂


This was taken at St Paul’s Churchyard, right outside St Paul’s Cathedral. There were plenty of red buses going past (when they weren’t being held up by red lights or traffic), to add a splash of colour. The day was fairly bright so it was difficult to get any kind of long exposure without overexposing. This one was half a second. To compensate for the abundance of light, I shot at f/16 and activated the built-in ND filter (3 stops, I believe). The resulting images were still too bright so I shot RAW and lowered the exposure in Lightroom.

Shot on Fuji X100T and processed in Lightroom.

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