Photo101: Wrap-up

It’s been just over 2 weeks since Photo101 finished. I was keen to write a little summary/wrap-up post as I really enjoyed the course. It’s a little delayed as I had the pleasure of going on vacation shortly after the end of it 🙂

Part of the objective of taking part in Photo101 for me, was to take more photos. I made a rule to take new photos for each theme, using the theme as a prompt. I enjoyed interpreting the themes creatively (or trying to). It helped to make the course fun and not a chore.

I found the community very encouraging with likes and comments, and I enjoyed looking through the posts of others taking part and seeing how they responded to the themes. I only regret not having enough time to spend in The Commons.

Here are some of my favourite shots from Photo101!

What do I take from this course? It has reinforced that I can shoot every day, with limited time. I can find good pictures within normal life and the routine, it’s my job to see and capture them. I really enjoy responding to themes and I know there are plenty out there. It helps me to have a focus when I go out shooting.

Is there anything I’d do again/differently? I will definitely revisit some of the themes – a pop of colour, architecture, moment and scale all spring to mind immediately. There were many useful tips that should be borne in mind when shooting until they become second nature – point of view, leading lines and quality of light; all important and fundamental stuff. As to whether I would do anything differently, it would have been nice to give it more time – but thinking realistically, sometimes you just have to fit things in to life where you can, which is what I did.

Blogging101 and Photo101 courses seem to run fairly regularly – if you are thinking of taking part, don’t hesitate. I think you get back what you put in but the motivation and support are very encouraging! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Photo101: Wrap-up

  1. I definitely enjoyed your photo 101 experience. Your portfolio is excellent and some of your photos really inspired me in my “work”. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see many more of your awesome photos in the future. I will stay tuned in. Enjoy your evening. Reinhold

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