My photo library and being organised (or trying to be)

One of the things I like about Lightroom is that is leaves your photo library organisation up to you. As a reasonably (ahem) well-organised person I’m just about capable of devising a filing system that works for me and keeping to it.


Something that has been niggling me for years now is my iPhoto library. Originally, I happily kept all my digital photos there, before I felt limited by iPhoto and started started using Aperture (I had started shooting more RAW files and wanted a way of processing them that didn’t require me to jump into Camera Raw/Photoshop every single time). About 18 months after that, I made the jump over to Lightroom as it had seemingly better features and better RAW processing (this turned out to be absolutely right, never mind that Apple have now discontinued Aperture). As Apple products, my photos in both iPhoto and Aperture were tucked away in Apple-managed libraries. I saved out all my photos from Aperture and imported them into Lightroom manually. However, iPhoto has about 10 years worth of photos, so I decided to leave them there for the time being…

… Until, inevitably, the wheels of progress turned and Apple discontinued iPhoto and replaced it with ‘Photos’. My iPhoto library has updated apparently seemlessly to a Photos one but my [organised] nature wants all my photos in one place. So, I have begun the long task of transferring all my images from iPhoto/Photos to my Lightroom library, adding keywords and making collections as I go. I won’t take bets how long it will take, but if I do it bit-by-bit, I’ll get there eventually. I’m currently back to 2009, and it’s quite nice to visit the everyday images from back then. All the while keeping in mind how nice it will be not to jump over to iPhoto/Photos when I want to access an older image!

How organised are your photo archives? Are you as concerned with keeping order as I am? 🙂

The image in this post was taken at the Spanish Steps in Rome (to illustrate my organisational uphill struggle) earlier this year. Shot on DLSR with a 28-300mm lens (at 100mm), processed in Lightroom.

5 responses to “My photo library and being organised (or trying to be)

  1. I feel instead of technology helping improve our lives, it further complicates it. constant changes over years surely translate into incompatibility of technology, hardware, sometimes software and so on! Organising digital pictures is not easy, organising film rolls surely were!!

    • True, it’s not easy! But I think I prefer the accessibility of images now, rather than (in my case) being filed away in boxes. I hope I do enough to ensure they are safe in the future.

      • Yeah! It’s true that digital revolution has enabled us to click more pictures without worries. the challenge lies in keeping the pictures accessible in view of hardware incompatibilities. I remember using CD and DVD to Store pictures few years back, now this format is passe! Imagine the hardwork of transferring it to hard disk. who knows what next medium will be?
        Happy blogging in 2016!

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