Photo 101 [2016] Day 1: Home

I got a lot out of Photo 101 last time, so I wanted to take part again. Like last year, I’m shooting with my Fuji X100T exclusively and using the themes we are given as prompts for new pictures (I may dip in and out of the tips, however).

Unfortunately I wasn’t off to the best start – I didn’t check my mail for a couple of days and actually missed the start of the course! I played catch-up, and here we are.

So, the theme for day one is Home.

Home is elusive. When we think about this word, we might picture different physical locations. And while home is often found on a map, it can also be less tangible: a loved one, a state of mind. What does home look like or mean to you? Share an image in a new post.


This was taken at my home. I love being at home but I wanted to find a view I don’t see every day. I ended up taking quite a graphic, almost abstract shot. Shot on Fuji X100T with the monochrome and red filter film simulation, a few extra tweaks were made to add contrast in Lightroom.


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