Kevin Mullins street photography workshop

Kevin Mullins is an award-winning wedding and documentary photographer. He shoots only with Fuji X-series cameras, which allow him to record events quietly and authentically. You can check out his work here on his website.

Luckily for me, he also runs photography workshops. I took part in one a couple of weeks ago. It was fantastic! We started off in Brick Lane, made our way through Spitalfields market and on to the City of London. We did various exercises throughout the day, with Kevin explaining the technique and brief before we all went off to put what we had just learned into practice (a very useful method of learning for me).

There were just 7 of us on the workshop. This was great as it meant it was easy for Kevin to brief us all at the same time, as well as give each of us plenty of individual attention, including lots of info for whichever Fuji X-series camera we were using. We were blessed with good weather; the day had started off foggy, with the sun burning off most of it as the day went on. The tall buildings in the City cast stark shadows which was ideal for the street photography that we were doing.

I got a lot out of the day, learning lots of useful tips for my Fuji X100T: Finally putting back button focus into practice, using spot metering for dramatic lighting results, giving zone focus a go and learning (once I had composed a shot) to wait and let people come to me.

We had a lot of fun and I must say it’s a real pleasure to let other people bustle around for a change while I be still and watch life unfold around me! Once the practical side of the workshop was done (with a lot of steps clocked on my Fitbit!) we settled into a bar for a bit of relaxing chit-chat along with some post-processing guidance.

I highly recommend this workshop. It’s great value, an absolute blast and I’ve learned some great tools to use from now on with street and photojournalistic photography. I’d go again!

These are some of my favourites from the day.



Thanks for reading!

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