Photo 101 [2016]: It’s a wrap!

This was the second Photo 101 I have taken part in. I really enjoyed it last year so I was keen to get involved again. However, I didn’t get off to the best start. I didn’t check my mails for a couple of days and missed the beginning! Fortunately it wasn’t too late to catch up. It finished about a month ago, but thanks to more tedious reasons I haven’t managed to complete my wrap-up post until now.

Similarities to my Photo 101 last year:

  • Shot with Fuji X100T
  • Took new pictures for each theme, using the themes as prompts (a self-imposed “rule” – I wanted to shoot new pictures rather than use old ones)
  • Managed to finish in spite of needing to play catch-up several times

Differences to my Photo 101 last year:

  • It felt very different shooting this project in March (it was June last year). The days were shorter, Spring had barely begun and it was cold with little foliage around
  • I looked up the prompts ahead of time so that I could prepare a little more
  • I had less “free” lunchtimes (to shoot) so I sometimes took detours on my way to the office to get my shot for the day, which was fun

My favourite themes were street, bliss, pop, moment and scale. Like last time, I really enjoyed responding to the themes; thinking of a creative response, going out and shooting with intention.

This course reinforced that it is possible to shoot more – it just takes a bit of planning and a bit of purpose. Of course, any personal project can do that which is something I must remember! Shooting to a “brief” definitely focusses the mind.

Blogging101 and Photo101 courses seem to run on a regular basis – don’t hesitate to take part if you’re considering it. It takes some effort but the inspiration and support are very rewarding. Plus, you never know what it will spark for you. Enjoy!

Here are some of my favourite shots:


Thanks for reading!

8 responses to “Photo 101 [2016]: It’s a wrap!

  1. my favorite shots are the first one with yellow chair and people walking on the bridge. In both cases, it’s the composition which drew my attention!

  2. The photo from Cafe Nero transported me back to a favorite visit to London a couple of years ago. Thanks for writing about Photo 101 [2016]. Never heard of it before, but now off to “learn things.” Cheers.

  3. You have captured the spirit of my favourite city so well!! Congratulations on finishing photo 101 – your comments on the differences between your two classes is insightful and reflective. Well done!!

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