Visit to Dungeness

I have read that Dungeness is classified as desert, due to it’s dryness and sparse vegetation. So, a unique place in Britain. I had wanted to visit there for some time, having heard it was a desolate place with abandoned huts and boats, rich for photography pickings.

When I did make it there, on a quiet sunny weekday, there were a few other photographers around, picking their own cautious routes over the waves of shingle and discarded coils of rope. As well as the beach, Dungeness is home to a power station, a few lighthouses (a fully automatic one still in operation), a narrow gauge railway station, a hamlet (where the late director and cinematographer Derek Jarman’s cottage and garden can be viewed respectfully from a distance) and a nature reserve.

I found it windswept and strangely peaceful. The power station quietly looms in the distance, connected to the landscape via many wires and pylons. I think there are probably good views from the lighthouse next to the train station, however (at the time of my visit, anyway) it wasn’t open to the public on weekdays.

Some of my favourite images from the day are below. All shot on DSLR with a 28-300mm lens, all processed in Lightroom. Some had additional processing in either Silver Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4 or Analog Efex 2. Thanks for reading!


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