My Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2016

Last week I took part in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2016. This was my 5th year of participating in the walk. I believe there were over 23,000 people taking part around the world!

This year, I returned to London and joined a walk organised by Hybrid Photography, run by two awesome and fun photographers, @hybriddave and @hybridpeter (look them up on Instagram!).

We met at Bar Italia in Soho. The chaps were kind enough to organise coffee, pizza, prosecco AND a model (the talented Damaris – @deelovesyoga – also a yoga teacher)!

As you can imagine, the streets of Soho were vibrant and bustling on a busy Saturday evening. The walk started at 6pm so I knew we would have to cope with low light initially, then darkness and bright lights. The route took us through a mixture of busy streets (including the dazzling Piccadilly Circus) and interesting alleyways, with plenty of stops for us to snap away.

As I wanted to remain unobtrusive and try a bit of street shooting I took minimal kit with me – just the Fuji X100T, spare battery, extra memory card and lens cloth. This was also easy to keep dry during the frequent rain showers. The low light was a challenge, even with the X100T’s superb high ISO performance. Additionally I got caught out switching between manual and auto focus, meaning some of my shots were even more blurry than they should have been!

In spite of the heavy cull needed on my pictures, I had a great time and got a few shots I was happy with. These walks are probably more about meeting like-minded people and having a laugh than getting any portfolio-worthy pieces (any excuse!). I have tended towards monochrome for street shooting before, but there was so much colour around I wanted to try and capture it.

I’ve included some shots below, all taken with the Fuji X100T (with Velvia film simulation) and processed in Lightroom.

Thanks for reading!

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