Holiday to Snowdonia

In September we took a relaxing holiday in Snowdonia. I used Adobe Spark (formerly Slate, and now available to use on the web) to remember the story of our stay in North Wales. Here’s the link!

All photos taken by me on iPhone and DSLR (apart from the one of me watching the tour of Britain – thanks to my husband for that one :)). If you like the look of Adobe Spark, haven’t tried it before but would like to; check it out here.

Thanks for reading!

7 responses to “Holiday to Snowdonia

  1. Thank you for this beautiful and well made storybook of your stay in North Wales, Emma. Interesting reading and excellent images. I remember some of the places from our trip in 2014. Have a great time! Reinhold

      • Not really, Emma. In 2014 we travelled for 4 months with a caravan through England, Scotland and Wales. We wrote a trip report in our German blog. The images are a mixed bag of iPhone and pocket camera images. Some are shot with my X100. We were in search of a B&B we could buy / rent and run. Couldn’t find anything we could afford. 🙂 If you are ready for an adventure tour in our German blog. Her is the link:
        We were in some other locations but we did not write a trip report for every location. Sometimes we did not have an Internet connection at all… 🙂

      • Thanks for the link and info! I think I got the gist with my limited German language skills and Google Translate 😉 (your excellent English puts me to shame!). Sounds like you had a great adventure … 🙂

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