Exhibition | The Radical Eye

The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection. Tate Modern, April 2017.

I have seen a few exhibitions over the last few months but not found time to write blog posts about them, which is a bit of a poor effort on my part! I managed to squeeze in a viewing of this one during a lunch break recently.

The works in the exhibition focus on the first half of the twentieth century. They are grouped into Portraits; Experiments; Bodies; Documents; and finally Objects, Perspectives, Abstractions.


It was interesting to see how photography was used, how boundaries were pushed with new innovations – using the camera to do things that the human eye cannot – and how that experimentation still impacts how we see things today.


It was also amazing to see actual prints of works that are completely familiar (Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother, for example) alongside equally captivating images that were new to me.

Apparently Sir Elton John owns over 8,000 prints having begun collecting photography in 1991. The exhibition is on until 21st May 2017 and well worth seeing if you can make it!

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