My Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2017

Earlier this month I took part in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2017. This was the 10th occurence of the annual walk and my 6th year of participating. I understand there were over 21,000 people taking part in almost 1,000 walks around the world!

This year, I returned to the seaside city of Brighton and joined a ‘pier to pier’ walk organised by Brighton Photographers Group. We spent some time on Palace Pier (always a great place for people watching) before making our way along the seafront to the derelict West Pier, then rewarding ourselves with a nice hot drink and some friendly chatter in a cosy Caffé Nero in The Lanes.

The weather was overcast with occasional rain and very windy, causing huge waves in the sea. Even though it was a day time walk, there were a few low light situations (along with the dull weather!) which meant it was a good idea to keep an eye on shutter speed.

As I wasn’t sure what I would end up shooting and wanted the option of a zoom lens, I took my trusty old DSLR (a Nikon D90) coupled with a versatile 28-300mm lens. I kept that lens on for the duration so I didn’t have to worry about changing it during the inclement weather. I also took my 3 Legged Thing travel tripod and ND filters, but didn’t use them – I feared rain drops would spoil my shots!

I really enjoyed the walk and have included some shots from the day below. All taken with the Nikon D90 and Tamron 28-300mm lens; processed in Lightroom.


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