Adventures in Iceland!

It’s been a few months since we returned from Iceland, but I finally finished the Spark Page* I started as a visual reminder for our trip.

Here it is, if you’re interested!

It didn’t strike me until a few days in (I guess the different landscape was too overwhelming at first) that I was probably taking photos that were similar if not identical to photos that hundreds, probably thousands of photographers had taken before. And not in the best light, just when I happened to be there (this was a holiday with my husband and not a photography trip, after all!). Once I had realised, in all likelihood, that I was being totally unoriginal I had to rethink my motives. This wasn’t about being original or being an artist, it was about the visual record of our trip and the amazing things we saw and experienced.

Iceland is truly unique and stunning location to visit. Highly recommended!

*Adobe Spark Page is a cool storytelling web app – check it (and the other Spark apps) out here if you’re interested in creating your own (requires a free Adobe ID).

2 responses to “Adventures in Iceland!

    • Thank you for the lovely comment, Reinhold! It was an incredible place to visit. I definitely hope to return there before long!

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