Exhibition | “Home” by Magnum Photographers

“Home” by Magnum Photographers.
The Vinyl Factory, London, May 2018.

This is an exhibition of a project undertaken by 16 Magnum Photographers who have explored the theme of “Home”. You may like to refer here for further details about the photographers and some interesting ‘making of’ videos.

The ‘gallery’ itself is the basement of a record shop in Soho, quite unassuming from the outside; that made the experience all the more fun for me.


The photographers explored this universal subject and portrayed the results in different ways. After all, “home” is so much more than a physical space one inhabits. There are various other more intangible answers as to what home means to an individual and I found these, portrayed in (mostly) 2D pictorial format, fascinating.


The exhibition was pleasingly uncrowded and I was able to meander through it as languidly as my workday lunch break would allow!


Some of the photographers I was familiar with, some not so much. It was great to see actual prints by David Alan Harvey and Elliot Erwitt but my eyes were also opened to just how diverse the representations and meanings of home could be. From details to sweeping vistas taken from helicopters, via people, pregnancy, absence; places that have been grown up in and places that have been fled to. Places that have changed.


This was an exceptionally well-valued exhibition, costing me only my time to view. The London leg of the exhibition tour has long since finished (my blog posting has been extremely lacking this summer!) and the photos can next be seen in Hong Kong from August 19th, moving on to Germany, then Italy and China (details at the link above).

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