My Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2018

Last week I took part in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2018, the 11th year of the photowalk and my 7th year of taking part. It’s great to know that you’re walking on the same day as thousands of photographers around the world!

Once again, I returned to the seaside city of Brighton and joined a walk organised by Brighton Photographers Group, a wonderfully friendly and talented bunch. This year we took a ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ and spent some time exploring the Kemptown area; one of (for me, anyway) the lesser seen areas of Brighton, north of Palace Pier. Once the rain had got the better of us, we retired to the North Laine Brewhouse for a drink (me [needing to drive home]: coffee, others: variations of coffees, teas and something stronger!) and chat.

In spite of being bookended by beautiful Autumnal sunny days, the day of the walk was marred by very persistent rain and low light. I was hopeful that this would make for some interesting street photography, but there weren’t a great deal of people around in Kemptown (I guess it’s not a particularly touristy area!).

As I knew it would be rainy, gear-wise I played it safe and took my trusty Fujifilm X100T. As it’s small and has a fixed lens, it’s fairly easy to keep dry and takes away the temptation of switching lenses. I really ought to get a lens hood for it though! The low light wasn’t too much of a problem, I went with my usual method of using Auto ISO with a ceiling of 3200.

Side note: Somehow, after about three shots I accidentally flicked from Auto to Incandescent white balance, something I have never managed to do before. So there was a “lovely” blue tinge to all the remaining shots (mm, even more desolate and cold!). Fortunately I shoot raw and jpg, so I disregarded the jpgs on this occasion and processed the raw files with the camera’s Classic Chrome film simulation profile.

In spite of the inclement weather, I really enjoyed the walk and have included some shots from the day below. All taken with the X100T; processed in Lightroom.


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