BPG 52 Week Challenge: ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)

Continuing the weekly challenges for the Brighton Photographers Group on Facebook. The rules are simple, one image per theme (unless otherwise stated) and ideally shot the same week as the theme (ie no submitting from archives).

This was a theme I was really looking forward to, as ICM isn’t something I had tried before. I had heard of the term and had some rough idea of what it entailed. A bit of further reading told me that there are many different ways of doing it and it’s all a bit arbitrary. The only real concern is to get the resulting blurriness looking intentional rather than accidental! Spring has definitely arrived (even though the temperatures aren’t in complete agreement this week) and there is some lovely blossom around. I decided I wanted to try a zooming technique so I had a few attempts at zooming into various blooms in the garden with my most zoomy lens. As it was quite a sunny day and I needed a relatively long exposure to capture the zoom, I had to shoot with a small aperture in shaded areas to avoid over exposing. I liked the zoom effect on this camellia.

Shot on DSLR with a 28-300mm lens. Tweaks applied in Lightroom Classic CC.

110mm (zoomed) | 1/2 sec | f/25 | ISO 200

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