Kevin Mullins street photography workshop | Brighton

Kevin Mullins is an award-winning wedding and documentary photographer. He shoots with Fuji X-series cameras, which allow him to record events quietly and authentically. You can check out his website here.

He also runs photography workshops. I first took part in one about three years ago, in London (read about it here).  I had wanted to do another one for a while, partly because I had enjoyed the first one so much and got a lot out of it and partly because I wanted a refresher in a different location. Fortunately, one came up in Brighton and I was lucky enough to secure a place (the workshops tend to be very popular and sell out quickly!). 

There were just 4 of us on the workshop, including Kevin! (There would have been a couple more, but sadly two people had to cancel at short notice). We started off with a coffee and a short chat/informal presentation. Then we headed into the bustling city centre to begin shooting. We did various short and sweet exercises throughout the day, putting into practice things like learning to ‘see’, zone focussing, spot metering, looking for good light, waiting for moments. For each exercise Kevin explained a bit of theory, then gave us a short window of time to go off and put it into practice. It was all very friendly and easy going, no judgements on whether we had taken good or bad photos (critique wasn’t what the day was about). We’d then have a quick discussion about how we’d found putting the the technique into practice for street photography before taking a casual stroll to the next location.

The weather was relatively good, although slightly more cloudy than we would have liked (especially when ‘needing’ some dark shadow to practice our spot metering!). Brighton was an excellent location for the workshop as it has a city centre with mostly generic high street shops, and a couple of other more unusual shopping districts with more independent shops, plus the seaside and pier.

I found going over Kevin’s back button focus and spot metering techniques very useful. It was handy to hear the theory behind the techniques again and I think I got more of a handle on them this time. The key is to keep practising!

I really enjoyed the day the second time around. It’s always pleasant to spend time with like-minded people and have an excuse to stop and let life unfold around us while we wait for moments that we might be able to capture. Life is so busy and we often seem to be rushing from one thing to the next. One of the most memorable things I got out of the day is that I really value the opportunity to look around me and take notice while life is going on, rather than let it pass me by. Once we had finished shooting for the day, we settled into a bar for a relaxed natter while Kevin talked us through his post-processing workflow.

I will continue to highly recommend this workshop. It’s excellent value, a lot of fun and I’ve gained some great techniques for street and photojournalistic photography.

These are some of my favourites from the day.

Thanks for reading!

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