BPG 52 Week Challenge: Long Exposure

Continuing the weekly challenges for the Brighton Photographers Group on Facebook. The rules are simple, one image per theme (unless otherwise stated) and ideally shot the same week as the theme (ie no submitting from archives).

On what was predicted to be the sunniest day of the week, I visited one of my favourite locations, Sheffield Park. As well as taking a pleasant stroll, I hoped to capture a long exposure there. Sheffield Park is home to some visually pleasing lakes with beautiful blossom and vibrant foliage reflected in the water, especially now that Spring is in full swing.

As it was sunny, I used a polariser to emphasise the blue sky with one or two ND filters stacked on top allowing me to leave the shutter open for longer and hopefully blur the water. I ended up choosing a shot with a 1 second exposure; the water is smooth and the reflections are still relatively sharp.

Shot on DSLR with a 28-300mm lens, circular polariser and ND filters.
Processed in Lightroom Classic CC.
28mm | 1 sec | f/22 | ISO 200

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