BPG 52 Week Challenge: Pop Art

Continuing the weekly challenges for the Brighton Photographers Group on Facebook. The rules are simple, one image per theme (unless otherwise stated) and ideally shot the same week as the theme (ie no submitting from archives).

I knew I was aiming for something Warhol-esque for this challenge, for me his name is synonymous with the Pop Art movement. The colours are borrowed from a Marilyn Monroe image I found online that I don’t believe is original Warhol, but I liked this series of colours together. Naturally there is a lot of Photoshop manipulation on this image; it was good fun to play around, adjusting things (some slightly, some copiously) on each iteration of the container.

As a side note, I didn’t spend any time pondering the meaning of the Pop Art movement itself but simply sought to produce an image that emulated other Pop Art works.

Original photograph shot on Fuji X100T.
Heavily edited in Photoshop (obvs).
23mm | 1/45 sec | f/4 | ISO 3200

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