BPG 52 Week Challenge: Double Exposure

Continuing the weekly challenges for the Brighton Photographers Group on Facebook. The rules are simple, one image per theme (unless otherwise stated) and ideally shot the same week as the theme (ie no submitting from archives).

Inspired by some internet meandering within the realm of digital double exposure photography, this is my shadow combined with a rose, both taken in my garden this week (thank you again, glorious UK summer sunshine). I made a selection of the shadow which I used to mask the rose image. I used the mask options to feather and adjust the density of the mask. Having used Photoshop and masking for years, these options have been seriously under utilised by me! I then changed the blending mode of the rose layer to screen and reduced its opacity to 50%.

Shot on digital SLR with a 28-300mm lens.
RAW images processed in Lightroom Classic, then combined in Photoshop.
Shadow: 28mm | 1/1600 sec | f/3.5 | ISO 200
Rose: 140mm | 1/800 sec | f/5.6 | ISO 200

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