Exhibition | Manga

Manga. British Museum, London, July 2019.

I knew of Manga but certainly wouldn’t call myself an avid fan. My sister suggested visiting this exhibition. I admired manga graphically and was keen to learn more about it, so I went along. I was not disappointed, I found that there are many forms of manga all of which use art to tell compelling and sometimes emotional stories.

The exhibition, the largest of its kind to take place outside of Japan, includes the history of modern manga, along with examples of different genres of manga and plenty of manga books to thumb through in the middle section of the exhibition – all very accessible.

I think the most interesting elements for me (as a manga noob) were the more technical explanations; how to read manga (left to right, top to bottom) and how the shape of speech bubbles, screen tone and depiction of sound convey mood and meaning. The art of telling stories through images and expressive line drawing definitely appeals to my creative side!

There were quite a few people in attendance, although it wasn’t too crowded (perhaps just at the entrance as people gathered to read through everything in the first space, fairly standard behaviour before people expand into the rest of the exhibits and thin out!).

Manga is on at the British Museum until the 26th of August (2019) and is well worth a visit. Find out more here.

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